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Trellis object

The Qlik Trellis object is buggy and still not a native chart object, would be nice to have a vizlib version of this.

  • Hi Jochem,
    Thank you for raising this Feature request.

    We will see how the Vizlib audience reacts to this feature request then we will see how it aligns with our roadmap and company goals.
    Can I ask why Vizlib should make this chart over using the Qlik Native chart, please?

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#34431) and URL

    Kind regards,
    Luke T
    Vizlib | Product Manager
  • I would appreciate that too. The idea of the trellis chart is fantastic but the object itself is crappy. Especially when it comes down to the integration of set analysis formulas it’s a real horror show (at least for me).

  • Hi Luke it would be great, if you implemented this trellis chart. Thischas already been asked fore 2 years ago and there are more nearly 20 supporting comments. Ralf Becher has implented a version of the Trellis chart for us, which might be a good startung point. Best regards Dirk
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