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heet Menu Extension - CSS code to collapse the side menu only up to the level, where only icon is seen

Hello Team,


Below the screenshot of the side menu from the sheet menu tool, the functionally of the side menu are only two options(see PDF attached),

Kindly assist with the CSS code which can be populated in the Global settings of the sheet menu where I can get above expected functionally on the 2nd click where side menu TO BE collapsed only up to the level where the icons can be displayed(see PDF attached),

Please let me know if anything else is needed from my end

(91.9 KB)
  • Hi Jayanth,

    Thank you for raising this feature. 

    Please can I understand why it is you are looking to achieve this?

    As a note:
    The roadmap has already been determined for this year, so please bear in mind that we won't begin development on it immediately.
    I will be watching to see the community's reaction to this ticket. If a high level of people interacts with this ticket, then it will go higher up the priority list and is more likely to be taken on for development in our following roadmap.

    Sheet Menu Plus is the visualisation that we recommend all new Qlik development to be using (you can drag and drop SM+ on top of the 1st gen product Sheet Menu and have all your settings converted).
    The feature, if take, will be developed for Sheet Menu Plus.

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#34527) and URL

    Kind regards,
    Luke T
    Vizlib | Product Manager
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