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Pivot Table Coloring by Dimensionality

In the Qlik Sense pivot tables, we are able to color according to dimensionality {ex. If(Dimensionality()=1,'Blue'...)} which is the way my customers prefer to see pivot tables. Unfortunately, I have been unable to achieve this coloring effect using the "Background Color" option and the "Dynamic Styling" option in my Vizlib Pivot Table. Is there a particular syntax used in the Vizlib Pivot Tables? If this feature is not available, could it be added? See graphic below for example of desired coloring effect. Thanks!


  • Hi Randell,

    Thank you for raising this feature request with us at Vizlib.

    This feature will only work in pivot table objects that don't include the custom hypercube. This is already a known limitation of how this feature will behave.

    At the moment, the roadmap is already determined but I will go ahead and create an internal ticket for us to keep track of.
    - I will see if this can be included in the next roadmap planning session, or, be achieved earlier. I will keep you informed.

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#34944) and URL

    Kind regards,
    Luke T
    Vizlib | Product Manager
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