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Vizlib Writeback Table & Vizlib Input Form v4.4.2 released!

Release Date: 12/08/22

- [CLB-3755]: [Writeback Table]- Associated fields aren't working for non editable columns since version 4.3.0.

With some changes around editable if an issue was introduced for associated fields that were non-editable. With this fix, using associated fields it should be possible to have a column set as non editable and have it being changed automatically by changing other field linked to the same group. I.e. this type of change will not be considered as editing that column.

- [CLB-3807]: [Input Form] Required property for newly added columns takes no effect.

When new fields were added to the input form validation did not update and the required setting did not work. The issue with required is fixed but note that when updating the validation setting the value in the column need to be changed in order for the update to be visible in the table.

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