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allow legend font size to be an expression

Allow bar chart (and other extensions) legend font size to be an expression, so we can control it via expression or a variable rather than static value it is now.


  • Hi Ron,

    Thank you for sending this feature request. 

    Can I ask why you would like this feature to be added to Library extensions? what is the business use case and why would it benefit you as well as the wider Vizlib community?

    ​At the moment the roadmap has been defined, but we can still converse about this topic to see if there is value to adding it in the next roadmap. Community upvotes and comments also help to validate a request

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#35085) and URL

    Kind regards,
    Luke T
    Vizlib | Product Manager
  • Hi there

    Owing to a lack of customer validation and/or complexity, we’ve prioritised our delivery and decided not to develop this feature request. However, all feature requests are subject to a continuous review and if anything changes, we will reassess our decision.

    Kind regards


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