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Vizlib Custom Report v6.1.0 released!

Release Date: 25/08/22

- [VSS-10854]: Filter selections slow when using Custom Report

This is a major improvement on performance when using many dimensions with large number of values. Previously the Custom Report was using functionality related to the native Qlik filtering which could also cause performance impacts on normal selections in Qlik Sense. This is now no longer the case.

- [VSS-11141]: Custom Report: Ver. 6.0.2 Bookmark's layout not kept

In some situations the bookmarks were not properly kept when upgrading to version 6.0.2. 

- [VSS-11115]: Custom Report: Incorrect placement of dimensions when using Vizlib Pivot Table Visualization

When adding dimensions to the Vizlib Pivot table the dimensions were added as columns rather than rows.

 Vizlib Custom Report Documentation 

  • The update of this version has disrupted the custom report in mashup, not able to export the data, which is the required feature for any custom report. 

    Ticket (#34767) has been opened 1 month back and still it's with technical team, appreciate if this bug can be solved ASAP. and please make it on high priority, 

    we have multiple users using this, and it has created a stop show for 1 month now.

  • Hi,

    we apologize for the inconvenience. 

    With the major rewrite in 6.0 and 6.1 we are still handling some remaining issues but in the end we are confident it will be very beneficial for our customers. (i.e. better performance and the ability to quicker handle both issues and feature requests.) I have increased the priority of your request since we now have one more customer with the same issue reported. What I would recommend in the meantime is to stay in an older version for just a bit longer. Once a fix is released do the normal tests in your test environment so make sure everything is ok before upgrading in production. 

    Since you have a ticket reported you will be notified immediately when a release with a fix to your issue has been released.

    Kind regards


  • Thanks, Michael,

    Appreciate it.