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Vizlib Gantt v2.6.0 released!

Release Date: 25/08/22

- [VGT-567]: Critical flow / Dependencies

You can now visualise your data and get more insight from Vizlib Gantt!

This new feature allows you to see the predecessor(s) to your events and we've made it easier for you to find these linking events when you hover over them. Mouse over the event to see the linking lines highlighted.

We support popular project planning datasets such as MS Project.

You will need an Order and Predecessor column in your dataset as this is how we link the events.

There are 2 example .CSV files showing how your dataset must look like for this feature to work with your dataset.


  • In this first version of the feature we are only supporting Finish-Start linking. More coming in a future release.
  • We recommend using cascading events so your event linking is more obvious, though this is just an aesthetic choice and doesn't effect the outcome of your date.
  • In the image below, Figure 1, it shows how you set up the Dependencies. You must have the Event Order Number (RED ARROW - ORDER) as the 'Search Event Field'. You can then chose to name it something different in the 'Search Name Field (Optional)' as seen in my example (BLUE ARROW - TASK_DESCRIPTION).

Figure 1 Setup Wizard - Event Data

  • You will find the 'Dependencies' (Figure 2) feature in the Vizlib Gantt Property Panel, under 'Dimensions' > First Dimension > 'Dependencies'. This is where you add your 'Predecessors' field. (You can also search 'Dependencies' in the Property Panel).

Figure 2 Dependencies in the Gantt's Property Panel

  • In Figure 3, for events that have dependencies that link far off the current view area, they will be presented as ----->[event] if they are being linked to (Finish-Start), or, [event]----- if they are linking from (Finish-Start).

Figure 3 Linked events

  • In this version, we do not read if your Predecessor is SS, SF, FS, FF. We only read the number within that column. If you do have any text, for this version, please remove it as it will not display your dependency.

Find more information here.

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