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Custom Report size of Dimensions/Measures window


I'm running into an issue with the Custom Report.  We have a TON of dimensions loaded into the report and it is causing the measures window to shrink to the point where you can't actually see all of the options when scrolling (it skips by a few with each scroll of the mouse wheel).  I can kind of fix this by increasing the text size of those measures choices, but is there a way to make the whole section larger?


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  • I also have this same questions, we are also facing similar case in self service.  Please let us know also if you find any solution or workaround. Thank you

  • Vizlib has said this is a known issue they are working to resolve, but in the mean time you can somewhat fix this by changing the 'Item Row Height' to Large (Found in the Appearance menu Under 'Measures Menu').  Here's what it looks like - not a perfect solution but it helps a little while the real fix is being worked on.


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