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Vizlib Custom Report v6.1.1 released!

Release Date: 13/09/22

- [VSS-11090]: Measures Menu display changes while attempting to search

The size of the measure menu would change during search if the number of list items changed.

- [VSS-11169]: Dimension not working for uncategorized

Uncategorized dimensions would not appear even when set to show.

- [VSS-11145]: The "Sigma" sign on measures (to add/remove sums) isn't visible for newly created

In newly created Custom Reports the icon to add/remove sums did not appear.

- [VSS-11124]: Sorting group not working as expected

When sorting groups the sorting did not stick.

- [VSS-11157]: Layout mismatch in Pivot Table when viewed in bookmarks is incorrect

The layout for a pivot table saved in a bookmark did not display properly. (Even after deleting old variables and checking no default bookmarks were being applied on the sheet.)

- [VSS-11226]: Moving Dimensions and Measures does not respect the position given

Moving dimensions and measures in the Vizlib Pivot table did not always give the expected result. 

- [VSS-11176]: Legacy version only - Search icons not showing in Dimensions/Measures (Upgrade recommended for all customers still using Legacy)

Due to an issue with our build process the legacy version (formerly known as Custom Report Plus) did not get the search icons. 

It is not yet required but we do continue to recommend changing to the non-legacy version of Custom Report. The process is very simple. Either use the button in the property panel or drag/drop the non-legacy version of the extension on top of your legacy object and choose convert. Regardless of the method used any bookmarks used will still apply and there is no difference for the end user. 

- [VSS-11146]: Copy Cell value option missing

The option to copy cell values had accidentally gone missing.

- [VSS-11158]:Wrong Dimension is moved when you try to drag and drop Dimensions in Vizlib Pivot Table when embedded in Custom Report

The wrong dimension would sometimes be moved when using drag and drop on the Vizlib Pivot Table inside Custom Report.

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