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Vizlib Server v4.5.0 released!

Release Date: 12/09/22

- [CLB-3627]: [Enterprise & Cloud] Silent installation improvements

We have made a number of improvements that can allow users to configure their deployment flow in a more flexible way. Most important thing is that now the server can be installed by omitting some arguments like e.g. VMC user & password and those values can be later filled in inside VMC upon first entry. This can prevent having a need to have that information stored e.g. in docker-compose file for cloud or scripts for silent installation.

- [CLB-3575]: Logs Browser access for Content Admins

We changed permissions so that Content Admins can now also view Logs Browser. This will be helpful for them to see if their Writeback Destinations or Finance Report Schedules are working as expected.

- [CLB-3350]: Server restart improvement

We enhanced the flow so that the user is logged out from the VMC immediately after the restart is completed. Previously although the session was lost, the user had to make an action on the UI to be navigated to the login screen.

- [CLB-3778]: Error: Http auth controller refreshToken failed with error: Unauthorized inside Logs Browser

We changed log level for this log as it was logged as an error in situations when it was expected to happen.

- [CLB-3808] & [CLB-3772] : Vizlib Silent installation

There are two things we improved. One is to properly pick up the license parameter passed during the first install, second is to properly handle the restart flag.


- [CLB-3779]: Snowflake Integration with proxy issues

There was a bug that was not refreshing snowflake integration properly before server restart. Now any changes made to the integration should be properly picked up.

- [CLB-3822]: Config import doesn't work

There was a case where config import might not work when there were some writeback destinations to the CSV files.

- [CLB-3849]: Teams Integration not working while using proxy

Teams integration now works while using a proxy

- [CLB-3745]: Writeback Destinations - Integration Error Although Destination set to Public

There was a bug that was preventing content admins from using public destinations in their writeback destinations.

- [CLB-3646]: BigQuery connector error (lost file bigQuery-1.json) after upgrade VL Server to 4.2.0

Upgrading to this version will not require a workaround fix for this issue.

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