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Please provide conditional show for ToolBar

We have found that different situations require whether or not we want to show a tool bar.  Like the top menu, the toolbar should be able to be shown conditionally.

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  • Hi Amber,

    just to make sure I understand your request. Would you like to be able to hide the whole Toolbar or individual items inside it? Also, can you describe the situation where it would be useful?

    Kind regards 

  • The simple answer is both

  • Great idea, I am missing this too.
    I wonder why not all Vizlib elements have a "conditional show" property on the baseelement and all items that can be shown/added inside it.
    Is there a technical limitation ? 

  • For some reason the rest of my response was cut off...  

    The simple answer is both.

    I can imagine multiple use cases, such as wanting to see or not the tool bar (or specific items) based on what you are doing or even what data is showing.  In our current situation, we are looking to provide some users with specific ways to navigate the data that not all users need.

    So based on a their access, we would only want to show the toolbar to specific people and those specific people might have different versions of the toolbar.  We do this already with the top menu and even specific dashboards.


    Does that help?


    As a side note, the conditional show is great option where it is available.  It would be great if we could have the option to have conditional show on any of the VizLib items.

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