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Vizlib Table v3.20.1 released!

Release Date: 20/09/22

- [LIB-11478]: TABLE: Hidden Column data is only data available when searching the column to the right of it

When there is a hidden column in a Table, the column to the immediate right contains its data when attempting to search instead of the data shown for the displayed column.

- [LIB-11413]: Vizlib Table- displays incorrect column names and total when having columns dynamically added to it

The prior latest update to the table puts the incorrect column heading and totals under the wrong column when using a calculated condition for columns to be dynamically displayed based on selection.

- [LIB-11440]: Vizlib Table - Invalid Hypercube Object State upon selecting Measures

When trying to filter by clicking on one of a couple of conditionally displayed dimensions, you get a Qlik Error.

- [LIB-11476]: Vizlib Table: data is constant whatever the selections.

Although selections are made, the table doesn’t update with the selections.

- [LIB-11451]: TABLE - In formatted excel data export, columns are shifted around

Exporting with “Export Formatted Data to Excel“ causes column rearrangement  different to that of the table in the Qlik App.

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