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Connection issue to Vizlib Postgres database

Hi - When Vizlib server is installed, along with that Postgres databse is installed as well.

Now if I try to establish a connection to that databse using pgadmin, I am unable to

Here is the setup during installation


Here is the Vizlib integration from VMC


And here is my connection from pgadmin on the vizlib server / postgres installed server


And here is the connection error:


If anyone has any information on this issue, please let me know.



  • Hi John,
    We encountered issues with upgrading from 3x to 4.4.0 related to the postgres database needing to be upgraded. Support provided a manual workaround to resolve it and later released an updated installer with 4.4.1 with the fix:

    Since you're upgrading to a later version, interested to know why you may still be running into the issue. I expect support should be able to help address like they did for us.

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