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Vizlib Extension Usage metrics


Does anyone has some sort of app or mechanism to see the usage of Vizlib extensions?

Basically, who are using the extension / in which qliksense app the extension has been used etc.,



  • Hi Justus,

    Currently, we don't have a metric to see app-level extension usage.
    All we track is the licenses taken up by users, which is available in the under Account Management.
    When you click on each of the Individual Packages you will see tdetails similar to what is shown below.
    Please note: This is only for the Online extensions.

    Additional information on what consitutes the a License, extension can be found here: User and Licensing FAQ 

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#35809) and URL

    Vaisaali Vasudevan
    Technical Support Engineer

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  • Hi Vaisaali,

    Is it possible to see which visualization in the Library an user is using?

    And what basically happens when I delete (the trash icon) an user ID



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