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Vizlib Container Grid v2.10.0 released!

Release Date: 12/10/22

- [LIB-11454]: Container Grid - support custom Font-awesome icons

We have made improvements to the Vizlib Container that ensure that all the code is 'Encapsulated' meaning the code ensures that it will not affect any other product on the page.

This is particularly important for mashups, or, when you use Vizlib Products alongside other 3rd Party Vendors.

We implemented this to ensure that one of our most used product doesn't affect other products/integrations. 

- [LIB-11469]: Vizlib Container: Vizlib Table inside Container Hides the Selection Menu

Selection bar is blocked for the Vizlib Table when you have placed it in the Vizlib Container

- [LIB-11089]: Vizlib object mashup issue when hosting on web servers

Some users were encountering Vizlib object rendering issues and errors with mashups where the resources and config are not local (i.e., the mashup is hosted on a true web server).

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