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Hierarchy Filterpane


There is a lot of interest from a client to be able to make selections in fields that are associated with a hierarchy. They want to click and expand a dimension and see subordinate dimensions easily at the same time without drill down that only lets you see one level at a time.


The client wants something very much like this legacy extension:


However, QlikHierarchyFilterpane is an unsafe choice because it is no longer updated.


The client is not a Vizlib user today but could become one if this need is met.


Please see the example from QlikHierarchyFilterpane inside the red box in the attached image.

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  • Any news on whether this could be implemented? A major company will probably become a Vizlib customer if they can get this filter. Would be nice if the filter looks like hierarchical filters in PowerBI and the values should not disappear if you select a different value.
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