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Vizlib Line Chart v5.2.3 released!

Release Date: 27/10/22

- [LIB-11609]: Tooltip Inconsistently Displaying on Hover

On hover, Tooltips inconsistently display when hovering over single data points or data nodes.

- [LIB-11395]: Exported file throws an error when proxy is used in Qlik Sense

When exporting the Vizlib Line Chart Data to .XLSX, an error message was displayed when open the exported file.
(The export is working as expected without proxy)

- [LIB-11637]: Data Points being cut off

Data points with icons are being cut-off so additional space.

In order to fix it we implemented 2 new settings in property panel.

Settings are located in AppearanceX-Axis ... → Axis Padding or Timeaware Axis Padding (depending on when timeaware axis is used).

- [LIB-11445]: Dates are Being cut off in X-AXIS

Dates were being cut at the start and end of the line chart.

In order to resolve this bug, we implement a new property in the property panel : Appearance → X-axis → Preserve edge ticks.

- [LIB-11492]: X axis labels font is somewhat blurry

When the Vizlib Line Chart is in its full size, the text for the labels becomes blurry/pixelated.

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