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Vizlib Server v4.7.0 released!

Release Date: 31/10/22

- [CLB-3891]: New option for dynamic tags - Sheet ID

We added possibility to add new tag - Sheet ID - when creating QVD destinations. It can be selected for either path or filename. By using this you can further protect production applications from being altered by a user duplicating the published sheet. 

- [CLB-3890]: Simplified access to VMC when using only one virtual proxy

Whenever your Content Admins, Admin and Root Admins are using only one virtual proxy to access Qlik Sense, they no longer have to to choose Virtual Proxy when logging in to Vizlib Management Console as long as they have active session in their browser.

- [CLB-3877]: Vizlib Server - Users section improvements

There are two key changes made. First of all there is an new section named Users where we moved the well-known screens of User Roles, Collaboration & Finance Users. In addition the main dashboard screen now also displays license usage for each product.

- [CLB-3855]: Finance Report Scheduler gives error "Cannot read property 'qText' of undefined" 

- [CLB-3913]: Issues with writeback when using Timestamp column.

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