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Auto Place Data Driven Annotations

Data driven annotations work great to load the annotations but depending on where the annotation lands on the graph, they require different angles and distance. It would be useful if the chart auto placed the annotations so they not behind the graph and are readable. Each annotation needs a different angle and distance. 

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  • Hi Amy,

    Do you have an example app that you can share with us? I am struggling to reproduce your issue.

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#36327) and URL

    Kind regards,
    Luke T
    Vizlib | Product Manager
  • Hi Luke, 

    I am not the original poster but I believe this is what she means.


    Here I even tried repositioning the annotations to different angles and lengths but there are always combinations where the lines simply cross and then the annotations will cover each other. There is no way to solve this dynamically? Seems like a really basic need for a dynamic visualisation :)



  • Thanks for posting Steven. That's exactly what I mean. 


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