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Calculation condition on native Map visualization in Custom Report

When one uses a native map in the custom report it only works with one dimension that for obvious reasons only works with geographical dimension (country, region, etc,) We have datasets with other dimensions and when one uses these in the map it shows weird results. If one therefore could make a condition on the map that the user has to use a specific dimension then we avoid having the user wonder about weird map visuals.

  • Hi,
    The map is only auto-selected when the dimension identified as geographical. When it is manually selected I agree that it can give odd results but I do not quite understand in which situations this would be confusing since it is by active choice? Can you further describe when a programmatic logic would make sense for you?
    Note that use of defaults, presets and bookmarks can often help the users with the navigation to a good visualization for each use-case.

    Kind regards


    Please note your unique ticket reference (#36350) and URL

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