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Vizlib Waterfall v2.3.0 released!

Release Date: 09/11/22

- [LIB-11305]: Add drill down dimension to Waterfall

You are now able to drill down your data using the Vizlib Waterfall. Simply click on an area of interest and explore your data with more granularity and ease.

- [LIB-11071]: Implement the "Inverse Title" to Vizlib Waterfall Chart

For Waterfall users who write in Japanese, like in the solution for the Vizlib Line Chart (LIB-11071), we implemented this for the Waterfall.

Use the search term, "Inverse title" to locate the new feature

- [LIB-11571]: Viztips with VIZLIB Bar chart in KPI Master item Layer doesn't render

For Waterfall users, using a Viztips with a Vizlib Bar chart inside a KPI Designer as a Master Item Layer, The Master Item-Bar Chart wouldn't render.

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