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Container - edit master elemens

Hello there. 

I am missing the opportunity to edit master elements directly within the Vizlib Container object (single mode). For me it is always annoying having to search for the object (f.e. a table) within the master visualizations to edit it. The native Qlik container object has this feature. What I mean exactly:

When clicking on a container tab during edit mode I want to have the option to edit the master element right away. 

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  • Hi Christian,

    Thank you for this request but please can you show me some images or the QVF so in more detail about the challenge you're facing?

    ​see my video of my master item container grids.

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#36440) and URL

    Kind regards,
    Luke T
    Vizlib | Product Manager
  • Thank you for your fast feedback Luke. 

    I have attached a picture which hopefully helps you understand what I mean. 

    Of course it is always possible to edit the master element via the master visualization pane on the left. But therefore I always have to search for it beforehand. It just takes some extra time to do so, especially in large apps with many master visualizations.

    With the Qlik native container it is very conveniant to edit the selected master element right away via the right side menu. 

  • Hi, 

    I am a little confused by the request above as the Vizlib Container Grid does what the Qlik Container does.

    Please say if i am getting this incorrect?

  • Actually it is not a big thing, just a little inconvinience. The Vizlib container does what it does - that is correct :).

    Unfortunately it does not do a tiny step more than that. I was just wondering why I am able to edit master elements within the Qlik native container but not with the Vizlib container. 

    When I click on a tab within the Qlik native container, I have the option on the right side menu to edit the selected master element. 

    When I click on a tab within the Vizlib container I do not have this option. If I want to change the shown master element I have to use the left panel, go to the master visualization list, search for it and then click edit. #

    I hope you now unterstand what I mean. 

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