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Feature to export all tabs of Vizlib container Grid together into a single excel

There is no existing feature to export all tabs of Vizlib container together into a single excel file and can only export each tab separately. Would like to have this feature added to the product. 

  • Hi Keerthi,

    Thank you for this feature request. I will analyse how the other vizlib customers react to this request.

    In the meantime, please provide more detail to assist when/if we take this task.
    I believe you want to export all of the tabs from your container. But what data are you looking for? Images, this may be possible. excel export, I am slightly uncertain of from the top of my head.

    Data can mean many file formats (JPG, PNG, JPEG, XML, CSV, TSV, etc.) Please elaborate if you can. Images are always welcomed.

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#36478) and URL

    Kind regards,
    Luke T
    Vizlib | Product Manager
  • Hi there

    Owing to a lack of customer validation and/or complexity, we’ve prioritised our delivery and decided not to develop this feature request. However, all feature requests are subject to a continuous review and if anything changes, we will reassess our decision.

    Kind regards


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