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Vizlib Server v4.7.1 released!

Release Date: 17/11/22

- [CLB-3988]: Docker compose setup script changes - Qlik Cloud sign-in [BREAKING CHANGE]

We simplified some steps in the setup script used to generate docker-compose file for Vizlib Server for SaaS. There is one breaking change which may affect existing installations. From now on the docker-compose file will contain password in a plain-text format. If you have used setup script in one of the previous versions there is a high chance that your docker-compose file contain Vizlib Management Console admin's password in a hashed format. This will no longer work when upgrading to this version.
Action required: ensure that your docker-compose file contain VMC admin's password in a plain text format.

Enterprise customers are not affected by this change.

- [CLB-3916]: Writeback - Improvements to queue handling when multiple users write to the destination at the same time

New setting `Reload Buffer' is added to Locking section for Writeback Destinations of Insert mode. This setting allows multiple writeback requests to be gathered in one batch request improving overall usability of the table being used by multiple users at the same time.

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