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Vizlib Bar Chart v4.0.0 released!

Release Date: 28/11/22

With this release we have made very big changes "behind the scenes" of the Bar Char object. The code has been updated to Angular, simplified and restructured. Apart from allowing us to fix many of the smaller bugs and issues the changes will also allow us to quicker make adjustments and changes in future versions. The performance should also be quite a bit better although we still expect to be able to improve that even further. The extension should load faster and it will more be noticeable on slower networks and in Qlik SaaS. The responsiveness is also improved.

With the bigger changes we have made very significant efforts in testing to make sure the changes stay on the back-end and are not visible to the users. However, please do (as always but perhaps a bit more carefully this time) test the extension before release on critical/sensitive environments. Some minor visual changes are also expected. See the list of items below for details.

Fixed items:

  • Data values - all options are supported now correctly
  • The mini chart is respecting the position and window in a better way
  • Persistent colors (including dynamic colors) now work in all cases
  • Selection with a mini chart correctly presents the selected items better
  • All data symbols are working correctly & present a value in the correct position
  • Alternative dimensions are possible in multi-measure mode
  • Reference line fixes (visibility and position)

Minor changes:

  • Default formatting (auto measure, auto format) is now common with the other Vizlib extensions
  • Suppress zero value is respected in all cases
  • The labels are positioned slightly differently
  • The legend order & position

Customer related bug fixes: 

- [LIB-10307]: Random occurrence of not rendering in customer app

Quickly moving between sheets would "freeze" the extension. This no longer occurs.

- [LIB-10976]: Export to pdf doesn't work properly for stacked bar chart 

Stacked exports did not work as expected.

- [LIB-11144]: Performance issue

Load time in certain situations was unacceptable long. In the customer example the load was 10 times faster with this new version of the extension.

- [LIB-11379]: Tooltip is not displayed when custom color is enabled 

When the measure had a custom color the tooltip did not display.

- [LIB-11578]: Scroll Preview recalculates every time you switch between sheets 

The preview scroll bar recalculated when switching between sheets even if nothing had happened to warrant a refresh of the extension.

- [LIB-11619]: Incorrect display when having second dimension with symbol representation and Axis range changed 

When having the axis range set to min. They symbol would appear in the wrong place.

- [LIB-11856]: Alternative Measure titles are not displayed when having multiple dimensions 

When using multiple dimensions the alternative measures were not available.

Please note that when upgrading from a lower version to version 4+ that the character number for the Bar Chart axis is set to 15 characters.

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