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New License Expiration Notification

The license expiration notification message is very noisy and annoys our users.  It also causes us to get a large number of tickets submitted saying that there is a problem and that the license is expiring when in reality we have already paid and are waiting for vizlib to update the extensions we download.  In our recent convo with vizlib on this, we were told that vizlib doesn't update the extensions until 24-48 prior to the expiration date occurring.  This means our users get notified for 5-6 days straight.  

Please make it so we can turn off these notifications or make it so only a single person/group gets notified.  The reason for the notification itself is good since it prevents licenses from expiring and forces you to update them.  But it is bad in that it alerts too many people and there is zero way to turn it off.

I see other people have the same complaint.

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