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Why the file size is huge between Normal export and formatted export to Excel in Vizlib

Hi all

When I export vizlib pivot table as formatted data to excel the data size is about 151 mb

The same pivot table when I do "Fast export pivot table to excel" the size is 1.9 mb

please can anyone help me to understand why the size difference is huge

Secondly, when I open 151mb formatted file and save as different name the file size becomes 2.3 mb, the size reduces drastically also there is no difference in table appearance







  • Hi Taj,

    I do hope you're well, safe and having a wonderful week.

    Thank you for contacting us, and I'll be happy to answer your query. 

    The formatted Data to Excel doesn't just export the Data but includes any formats in the Pivot Table. This results in a more significant export. You can also see that the values (hover on the excel cell, see that there are values and text) are also exported.

    While I'm unsure as to why renaming it changes the size, the team has mentioned it's possible the formatting is changed along with the name.
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    Daniel Adesanya
    Technical Support Engineer

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