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Vizlib Server v4.8.0 released!

Release Date: 13/12/22

- [CLB-3074]: [Qlik Cloud] Finance Report Scheduler
We integrated the Finance Report Scheduler feature for our customers who are using Qlik Cloud.

- [CLB-3511]: [Qlik Cloud] Writeback - Cloud content admins personal API keys

We have introduced several improvements to the Vizlib Server on top of the Qlik Cloud. We focused on empowering the Content admins, to make it easier for them to create and administrate writeback destinations and applications. Content admins can configure their own API keys, which will be used by all destinations they have created. This ensures enterprise-level security access to your Qlik Cloud tenant.

- [CLB-3860]: Writeback - Snowflake keypairs

New authentication option has been added to the Snowflake authentication. Now apart from the standard username and password model, you can also choose key pairs.

- [CLB-3874]: [Qlik Cloud] Writeback - Cloud automations improvements for Input Form [BREAKING CHANGE] 
We modified how writeback data is being sent to Qlik's automation API, to include custom payload schemas. Automations created with prior versions of Vizlib Server might have to be altered to work with the new payload structure. Easily integrate with various APIs and build sophisticated conditions based on the payload structure.

- [CLB-3701]: Improved connection error messages

With this change, it will be much easier to troubleshoot and figure out a solution, when your extension struggles to connect to the Vizlib Server.

- [CLB-3961]: Cloud: Error in adding Oracle Integration

The issue has been fixed. Now adding oracle integrations will work fine. There is one known issue, that restarting the docker container can cause issues. In such case recommended workaround would be to remove vizlib-server container and compose it again.


- [CLB-3813]: SQL Writeback: When Columns are Empty, you get an Error during SQL writeback

We still do not support this case, but we made sure that the error handling is now crystal clear.

- [CLB-4034]: Cloud: Error 400 while setting up Qlik Cloud in Vizlib Server Cloud VMC

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