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Rearrange Dimensions in Pivot Table


I am trying to arrange the columns in my pivot table and I am unable to do so.

I clicked the pencil icon for Pivot Table Setup and got the below messaging. I also did not see the icon next to the added dimension in the edit screen that would allow me to be able to move it. I have several dimensions and have also highly customized each one and starting from scratch will not work/is not ideal for me. 


  •  I actually posted a feature request for the same issue a few days after the post was made:

    As a possible workaround (for some cases, but not all), you can exit edit mode, use the Alternatives screen to re-order things, re-enter Edit mode, and then Save Changes. This doesn't apply to every requirement but it does help with some of them.

  • Hi there.

    Checking back to see if this has been fixed/provided a work around. What Or Shoham suggested above did not work for my use case. 

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