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Pasting multiple values to Writeback table with editable on row level setting enabled.

When trying to paste multiple values on a cell having editable if -setting on row level, Writeback table raises error "Pasting values in combination with Editable if on a row level is not supported". When developing a sales forecasting app in august pasting multiple values to multiple cells with the setting was still possible. Please make it possible to paste multiple values with the setting on possible again, as the preventation cripples apps depending on the setting.


Pasting multiple values should skip cells, that are not editable, for example, if Writeback table has columns a, b, c and d, with all columns using the editable if on row level enabled, with editing of column c being disabled on row 2, should pasting

1	2	3	4
5	6	7	8


in column a1 result in


1	2	3	4
5	6		8


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