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Vizlib Custom Report v6.3.0 released!

Release Date: 18/01/23

- [VSS-11413]: New icon and text color option for Popup background color and Extension background color

We do have a huge number of visual settings in Custom Report but somehow we had missed this one. Now it is possible to in detail control the color also of this popup. This particularly makes it easier to handle dark color settings.

- [VSS-11402]: Inability to see the export data option when the custom report is displayed in the mashup.

Export options on the context menu is now available also in mashups.

- [VSS-11295]: Exporting Blank Excel (SaaS Gov Environment)

Specifically for the Qlik government SaaS environments we had an issue with blank Excel-files being exported for the data. This has now been fixed.

- [VSS-11376]: Dimension/Measure tooltip displays 'Undefined' 

When hovering over the dimension/measure field names in the Custom Report, the tooltip displays 'Undefined'. It is supposed to display the field name in those cases. This is particularly important when using longer field names that have a similar beginning and do not fit in the left hand menu. (Note that we do recommend using Master Items for both dimensions and measures since they can then be reused and you are then able to also add a description to your dimensions/measures.

- [VSS-11393]: Search and select dimensions should allow multiple dimension selections before closing

Searching dimensions and measures will now allow you to select multiple options before the search closes. (Note that you still need to use a visualization that allows multiple dimensions so if you for example have selected the pie chart you will only be able to select one dimension at a time. The search will however remain open and allow you to switch between the search results.)

- [VSS-11239]: Copy Table option missing in 6.+ versions

We have now added back in the option to copy table again. This should work in most situations but it is still limited in the amount of data to approximately 10' cells. (Beyond that you can still do a regular export of course.)
During the final testing we encountered some issues on one very old application with some of the dimensions. The copy table function then throws a JSON-error. The issue is unlikely to happen but if it does, the workaround to fix the issue is to simply remove and add the dimension from the data set.

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