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Vizlib Table - Cycle through set number of rows

Similar to how a screen at the airport cycles through flight arrival or destinations 10, 15, or 20 rows at a time, we would like to create a table, set the number of rows, and have it scroll through all values within a dimension cyclecly.  

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  • Hi Matthew,

    This is an interesting feature request but I am trying to understand the business/customer value.
    You could try using the Carrosell feature within the Vizlib Container Grid to emulate this 'scroll' like feature.

    Please could you elaborate more on this topic?
    ​(as an FYI, I will be taking into account the community response to this request).

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#37533) and URL

    Kind regards,
    Luke T
    Vizlib | Product Manager
  • Hey Luke,

    We're building a series of dashboards to sit within the C suite, presenting some high level metrics broken down by dimensions like company, region, department, etc. Each of these dimensions could have dozens or even 100+ values, and in this use case a scroll bar isn't realistic - these dashboards aren't on a PC or mobile device.

    We want to restrict a table to 10 rows, and allow it just to cycle through all the values in the dimension, so that a passer by could stand and see the full table without having to interact with it.

    We've looked at using animator to scroll through the data, but that is a little clunky to configure for the purpose we're after.

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