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Vizlib Toolbar v2.0.0 released!

Release Date: 25/01/23

- [VSS-11192]: Increase toolbar performance and optimize the code

This version is a relatively big rewrite of some aspects of the Toolbar extension. It both immediately improves performance but also allows us to more easily add features and fixes in future releases. We also fixed a number of smaller bugs and a big performance issue that would appear with some applications with larger data sets. Make sure to test extra carefully and beware that some minor adjustments may be needed even though we of course have tried to make sure it all looks the same between the versions.

- [VSS-11299]: Add Quick Select mode

We added the option to confirm selections or have them happen immediately. I.e. showing or not showing this bar when starting selections.

- [VSS-11305]: Rectangle area selection

From this version it is possible to make selections by drawing an area on top of the dimensions in a selection bar. This works on text as well as images and you can even make multiple rectangular selections.

- [VSS-11307]: Improve drop-down selections

With drop-down selections there will now be a behavior more similar to the native filter and the Vizlib filter where selections are confirmed. (Quick select is available as an option, see above.)

- [VSS-11310]: Radio button improvements

The radio buttons are now displaying better and some minor visual artefacts (like the selection indicator not being perfectly centered in the circle) is no longer present. They also render slightly faster but that will hardly be noticeable.

- [VSS-11310]: Label improvements

The labels have been rewritten to show more consistently across different visualizations. 

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