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Vizlib Table v3.21.1 released!

Release Date: 27/01/23

- [LIB-11926]: "Quick export" is not handling security rules of Qlik Sense

The 'Quick export' now respects your Qlik environment's security rules. So if you have users who are not allowed to export then this option will not appear for them.

- [LIB-11935]: Exporting formatted data not working as expected.

Exporting using the Table when you had an expression which hid the data [ =if(field = true, '', field) ] the table would still export some data. This has been fixed to ensure the Table respects your properties.

- [LIB-11840]: Sorting is not kept when exporting to Excel if Vizlib Table is Master Visualization

In the Vizlib Table you can click on the header (column) to sort the data. If you use this option and export the data the sorting will be kept. However, if the Vizlib Table is a Master Visualization, then exporting the data will keep the original sorting, regardless of what sorting you have selected from clicking on the header (ASC/DESC).

- [LIB-11762]: Search icon isn't displayed in Mashup when getting objects from multiple apps

You can now filter dimension’s column values on tables that come from different apps within your Mashups. Before this fix you could only filter these dimension’s column on the first loaded table, meaning any other table that references another Qlik Application would not respect the search functionality.

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