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Vizlib Bar Chart v4.0.2 released!

Release Date: 30/01/23

- [LIB-12005]: Not displaying bars in Qlik Container

Bar from the Vizlib Bar Chart were not being displayed In the Qlik Container; but the bar chart is working with the Vizlib Container Grid.

- [LIB-11992]: Null values are interpreted in a wrong way

Null values were being displayed as a numeric value.

- [LIB-11961]: Alternative Dimensions causes the UI to respond unusually.

Using the Alt. Dimensions on the bar chart would result in the UI breaking and displaying bars and bar values in an obstructive way.

- [LIB-11946]: The first dimension label on x-axis showing only ellipsis

Dimension values that are at the start of your bar chart would be ellipsed ( ... ) instead of presenting the value name.

Here we have implemented a new property called Axis Padding. Similar to how it behaved in the line chart, this will add padding to the Y or X-Axis depending on your setup.

- [LIB-11921]: Percentage type Number format representation is incorrect when enabling 100% stacked Bars

Whether you are using the context menu or property panel to change the bar chart to be 100% stacked, the number separators would not respect your defined separator.

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