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Vizlib Pivot Table v3.5.2 released!

Release Date: 31/01/23

- [LIB-11802]: Export to excel in Qlik Saas isn't working

In Qlik SaaS if you have not removed your Custom Hypercube from the Pivot Table then when trying to download the data, you would be presented with this modal.

Because of this we have created a custom popup that will allow you to download the .XLSX file (but limitations may apply depending on the size of the data you are trying to download)

In this popup, we have implemented Vizlib's first 'Error Code' which you can look up on our documentation page to learn more about the issue and how to rectify it. Please look here for all information about the error code 

Please follow this guide to remove the custom hypercube Pivot Table Documentation: Remove Pivot Table Custom Hypercube

- [LIB-12029]: When Dynamic Styling is Set, Hiding the Column results in a frozen extension

If you have a calculation condition that hides a column then the resulting calculation makes the pivot table freeze and become unresponsive.

- [LIB-11470]: Scroll bar issue

When there is a scroll bar and when the user is filtering on a single value or performing a filter that does not require a scroll bar, the data disappears and the scroll bar jumps down until the user manually returns it back to the top.

- [LIB-11844]: Export to Excel displays incorrect measure format based on the order of the measures in the Column Definition

When using Formatted fast export of data, the exported report has the incorrect format as opposed to the chart.
A cause for this incorrect display appears from the order of the measures displayed in the Column Definition.

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