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Vizlib Server v4.9.0 released!

Release Date: 01/02/23

- [CLB-3831]: Scheduled Task Destination Locking
This feature is useful in Writeback scenarios where an application used is being reloaded frequently by a Qlik Task on a scheduled basis - e.g. because data is fed from an external datastore every hour or even more often. The feature will automatically lock the Writeback Destination from being used by end users for the defined amount of time before the scheduled task starts. This prevents unexpected errors from being thrown when both the Writeback user and a QMC Task make an attempt to reload the same application.

- [CLB-3979]: Enable SSL for postgres databases
We added new option to authenticate to Postgres database, either one used by Vizlib Server to store its configuration or another instance used to store your Teamwork comments or Writeback data.

- [CLB-4041]: Vizlib Server - Extension server URL changed automatically after server restart 
The extension server URL would change automatically after restart of Vizlib Server. That is fixed and we also improved the logging to be able to better track similar issues.

- [CLB-4043]: Qlik Cloud - Oauth window issue
The Oauth window will now appear only once during user session lifetime. (Previously it could pop up multiple times.)

- [CLB-4089]: Cloud - Destinations are not shown 
In some cases destinations were not loaded and shown in the extension.

- [CLB-4098]: Qlik Cloud - wrong API key used when Qlik user has a root admin role.
There was an issue that users with root admin role wasn't able to connect to Writeback Destinations created by them. They had to either have content admin permission, or the destination had to be created as a server root user. 

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