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Vizlib Writeback Table & Vizlib Input Form v4.9.0 released!

Release Date: 01/02/23

- [CLB-3984]: Insert key columns and improved data conflicts
Key columns are now enabled also for Insert operations. Combining the two, you can create Writeback Table which allows editing of existing data and at the same time create a full audit history of every change made. This can be used even for scenarios where multiple users modify the same rows concurrently. 

- [CLB-3915]: Deleting invalid columns breaks table
Deleting invalid columns now work as expected when using editor inside the extension and property panel buttons.

- [CLB-4032]: Frozen Columns did not always work
Frozen columns will now work properly also when extension loads for the first time.

- [CLB-4045]: Copy & Paste styles
When copying conditional formatting it was not applied.

- [CLB-4070]: Writeback REST destination - issues with basic authentication
Error occurred when using it in server side destination.

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