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Track “Export Formatted Data to Excel” in the table extension (or other extensions) in the logs


For the moment in the extension Vizlib Table (maybe some other extensions too), the function “Export Formatted Data to Excel” is not traced in the Qlik Sense logs. So if a user is exporting using this feature, we (admins) will never find out that a person have done this export as it is not traced in the logs.

Our internal security policy asks us that we (admins) can know at all moment which user did what and when in the system. Therefore it is very important for us that we are able to trace everything and to have a complete audit!

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,


  • The formatted export in Vizlib objects (as opposed to more limited native Qlik data exports and image exports) happen on the front-end browser and do not currently communicate with Vizlib server when performing the export. This has the advantage of allowing full control of the export format but the drawbacks are that lack of server communication and some limitations when it comes to handling large data exports. (i.e. limited by the browser performance.)

    We will consider if we can implement any options to push a notification to the server also on formatted exports but for now the recommendation is to turn off the option for formatted exports if it is important that you track any exports.

    Please note that any data users access is available to them since it is by definition already in their browser. Data could be exported using other tools that are not tracked by Vizlib or Qlik (since no requests has to be made to the server). The tracking or limitation of export of data should not be considered a secure way of limiting data access even though it would potentially make it more difficult for inexperienced users.

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