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Vizlib Server (VMC) Giving edit access to other VMC users on the resource type "Security rule",

Currently in VMC we have this feature called security rules which serves the purpose of giving different levels of access to QS users on VMC resource types (like writeback destination, integration etc.). This capability however does not exist in the resource type "Security Rule" itself.

We often have scenarios where several people in a project manage/create 2 security rules for each of their writeback destination (one is the Write access - to give write access to end users on the frontend, other is VMC admin - small set of users that needs to manage the VMC resource) and these rules are usually managed by more than one person.  However, since security rules can only be seen by the owner of the rule, other people cannot manage the security rules related to their project. 

The feature request is: To be able to give VMC Admin role to other Content Admins on the resource type "Security rule", which should be able to granted by the owner of the security rule. This rule would help the projects to managed their security rules in a decentralized way. Please see the attached picture for demonstration.

Thanks! KR, Elif

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