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Vizlib Writeback Table & Vizlib Input Form v4.9.1 released!

Release Date: 27/02/23

- [CLB-4020]: Writeback Table - Form View modal positioning.

We added drag capability to the Form View modal window. Now users can move it to the side and double check underlying row without having to dismiss the modal. The position is remembered per Writeback Table object per user session.

- [CLB-3607]: Writeback Table - Form View - aggregations are not supported.

Actually that's more an improvement than a bug fix, previously we were not supporting aggregations in combination with Form View and now we do!

- [CLB-3775]: Expression editor doesn't work with Single API or Mashup.
Limitation is still there but it is handled in a better way to prevent user confusion.

- [CLB-3776]: Live Totals displays value from first row for invalidated Date column.

We improved how the feature is handling invalid rows, they are being excluded from calculations.

- [CLB-3812]: Improve pasting multiline cells from Excel - Input form and Writeback Table.
Pasting of values containing multiple lines from Excel has been improved.

- [CLB-3852]: Read-only components width issues.

We improved how read-only components calculate width and also added tooltips for them in Input Form.

- [CLB-4023]: Writeback Table: Required option | Red asterisk / Red star stays when column type is changed.

Label will be now only displayed for column types using this setting.

- [CLB-4051]: Changing options field for dropdown column types is sometimes not applied instantly.

- [CLB-4056]: Visual improvements to the Multiple Choice column when using Spreadsheet Mode.

Background color did not fill the entire cell. 

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