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Custom Title feature in Y-axis for Vizlib Combo Chart

Hi There,

Please have a look in the below feature in Vizlib Combo Chart which would be very helpful for the many users to see Custom Title of Dimension in Y-Axis when we have multiple measures with diff labels which are mandatory to show as Legend.

Below is the sample scenario or requirement from one of our user but which isn't feasible.

1. There must be 2 Measures and those names are like SELL IN and SELL OUT. 

2. Y-axis label name should be like grams or units or something else which is common label name for both measures based on the product selected. For this we enabled the Dimension Title in Appearance-> Y-axis  but it is showing the Legend titles by default but we need custom label here. 

3. X-axis label is not required as Legend shows at below x-axis.

PFA sample dashboard to replicate the same and requesting you add this feature if it is feasible.


SCI Team.

  • Hi SCI,

    Can I understand that you are wanting to change the dimension/measure (x/y-axis) labels to override what is currently there?

    So using some data, we see here that where I have Badger and Frogs there needs to be an option to override these dimension titiles in the COMBO CHART.

    Please can you confirm this?

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#38222) and URL

    Kind regards,
    Luke T
    Vizlib | Product Manager
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