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Simple KPI - Target Mode Banding on both positive and negative side

This feature request is created based on issue # 37832.

The current functionality of Target Mode Banding in Simple KPI is that the indicator is "yellow" only on the positive side of the interval. 

For example, if Comparison is Absolute = 10, Measure 1 is 105 and measure 2 is 100. Then the indicator would be yellow since the difference is +5. But if Measure 1 is 95 and measure 2 is 100, the indicator is red since the difference is -5 and banding is only used on the positive side.

 It would be good to have a setting where one-sided or two-sided banding can be toggled. 


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  • I hope this is accepted as soon as possible. Users at most large hospitals in the Stockholm area using Qlik Sense and Simple KPI experience that this object does not behave correctly

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