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Vizlib Table v3.21.2 released!

Release Date: 13/03/23

- [LIB-12234]: Mashups hosted on standalone server throws Windows Authentication error

When using the Vizlib Table in a mashup, “Windows Authentication” console log errors are displayed.

- [LIB-12265]: SaaS - Quick export button is not rendering/isn't displayed

The permission check for displaying the Quick Export Button ('Show Export Icon' in the property panel) so we have added a button which will always display the icon. Please read the information below

If the checkbox is NOT selected = False (default option)

Export to Excel icon will be visible only to users with relevant export permissions.

If the checkbox is selected = True

Export to Excel icon will be visible to all users no matter what permissions they have been assigned.

- [LIB-12008] & [LIB-12206]: SaaS - Colored background on the exported file if using a dark template

Exporting the Vizlib Table would result in a dark background on the Excel export even if you have no formatting.

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