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Vizlib Bar Chart v4.1.0 released!

Release Date: 04/04/23

- [LIB-12292]: Force Legend Display

The legend will be shown based on if Force Show Legend is checked or not. Find this in the Appearance section when you have Color & Legend > Colors set to Custom.

- [LIB-12287]: Sorting doesn't work at random when we rearrange the order in the Sorting properties

When trying to drag and drop / change sort order the changes aren’t reflected on the chart (sort order change).

- [LIB-12275]: Replace values with zeros on X-axis

When there is a Negative value, the entire space is filled with zeros.

- [LIB-12271]: Extreme spacing applied to multi-line representation of labels on the X-axis

The multi-line label overlaps with one another which resulted in a large spacing requires more space on the dashboard. This has been resolved so you don't need as much space.

- [LIB-12270]: Setting the format for positive values doesn't work

Formatting values, i.e.  ‘-#,##0.0%', didn't work

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