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Vizlib Custom Report v6.4.2 released!

Release Date: 05/04/23

- [VSS-11173]: Add remove icon (x) to Analytic Search

We just made it a little easier to remove dimensions and measures from the Analytic Search bar. Click on this icon to remove it. 

- [VSS-11515]: Analytic Search bar removed in some situations (on Custom Report created in older version with certain settings)

In version 6.4.1 we tried fixing an issue (VSS-11498) where the Analytic Search bar was changed on update from a much older version of Custom Report. Unfortunately the reversed change occurred for other customers so this is not a change we are able to implement. The changes in VSS-11498 has been reverted and version 6.4.1 is being removed from downloads to avoid further confusion/issues. Version 6.4.1 is with this change no longer supported. The workaround for any customer with an unwanted setting is to turn that setting on/off in the property panel. It can not be automatically handled by the extension.

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