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Button - Export Object to PDF Functionality for Input Forms

We would like to request that the Button Action "Export Object PDF" be modified to support the export of a Vizlib Input Form. Currently, when an input form is set as a Master Item and referenced as the object to export, the result is a blank PDF. 
The Scenario:
We are using the Vizlib Input Form to facilitate the logging and tracking of Employee Corrective Action Forms. A table has been created in the Data Load Editor to identify the most recently submitted row per individual. This information is then displayed on another page in an input form (READ ONLY) as being the referenced individuals most recent Corrective action form. We would like to be able to export this form with the push of a button, so that we can deliver the PDF to the individual. Currently, we are utilizing the native Qlik functionality of right clicking the form, then exporting as a PDF. We would like to be able to export the Form as it looks with the push of a Vizlib Button.

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