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Vizlib Tiles bugs I noticed

I noticed two big bugs while creating using Vizlib Tiles, both having to do with the Setup Wizard. 

  • When you remove a layer in the setup wizard, the visualisation breaks and an issue "Invalid sort order in properties". At first I didn't realise why it broke and I lost all my work.
  • Whenever you have a footer that uses expressions to calculate certain values and you then apply changes in the Setup Wizard, the expression values all get set to the latest value instead of the expression. For example:
     =${vMeasure} suddenly becomes ='200304'

Finally I have two requests for the tiles:

  • Right now when the tiles are set to one tile per row, the header and footer are a bit wider than the tiles. This means I can't line up my footer or header properly with my tiles because for example width 10% is not the same compared to the tiles. I would love a feature allowing me to make the width equal.
  • I would love the ability to copy the same structure as the tiles to the footer, but then without the dimension aggregation. 

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