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Vizlib Writeback Table & Vizlib Input Form v4.10.0 released!

Release Date: 13/04/23

- [CLB-4006]: [Writeback Table] Row Locking [Server side only]

Option to lock rows has been added to enhance workflows when multiple users can work on the same data at the same time. Whenever the option is enabled inside a Vizlib Server destination, rows that are modified are automatically locked and become read-only for all remaining users. Table informs with nice avatars who and when locked particular row. Row Locking requires a key column to be defined on a table.

- [CLB-3706]: [Writeback Table] Data Conflicts Dialog 

In some writeback scenarios, even if you will be using Row Locking, you still might get data conflicts - for instance when a user was in the middle of making changes and application was reloaded by a scheduled task and some rows that are edited changed. Starting from this version writeback will detect such scenarios and will display new dialog which allows user to pick which conflicted values they want to proceed with. This can be done in a several ways:
- pick cell by cell
- pick all changes in a given row
- pick all changes in a given column
- pick all conflicts 

Conflicted cells are shown one under another, where the top one is user current change and one at the bottom is the current Qlik data source value. Feature requires Key Columns to be used in a table.

- [CLB-2990]: [Writeback Table & Input Form] Auto complete option for Text and Chips columns

This new option allows to configure Text and Chips columns to serve users suggestions for their entries - in a similar fashion to a dropdown - with the key difference, that users can also enter value outside of a list. List with options can be populated from a field or manually entered in Property Panel.

- [CLB-4087]: [Writeback Table] Delete row action is not displayed when the row condition is true on SaaS

Option to delete a row was not visible when it should.

- [CLB-4130]: [Writeback Table] Setup wizard column validation indicator fixes

Indicator was only shown for the first invalid column and also its position wasn't refreshed in case when column is reordered.

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