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Vizlib Pivot Table v3.6.0 released!

Release Date: 26/04/23

- [LIB-12051]: Improve scroll bar behaviour in Vizlib Pivot

To keep your Vizlib Pivot Table clear of any distractions we have implemented the a 'hover to show' scrollbar.

This will keep your data free of distractions.

No scrollbarScrollbar

- [LIB-3508]: Expression driven color calculations for Dimension rows and columns

You can now change the row and column colors using an expression to provide more than just one distinct color output.

Simply add an if() statement (for example) to the 'Background color' feature under the dimension you want the styling to be applied to. You don't need to specify if the color should appear on the column or row orientation, we automatically apply that for you.

This means you can achieve results like the below image without needing to specify the name of the value which was required in the previous solution, 'Dynamic Styling'.

Please be aware of the original 'Dynamic Styling' feature will be deprecated and no further improvements will be made to this feature thanks to the implementation of this release.


This dynamic styling option is calculated on the row level, therefore if you have an extensively large pivot table with many rows or columns of data, you may encounter some performance decreases. Encountering this performance decrease is low and won't be noticed in most Vizlib Pivot Table's, for those users who have many rows of data, they could experience some performance issues.

A feature will be implemented in the next release to allow for distinct or dynamic color calculations

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